Monday, October 4, 2010

Where did Winter come from?

I am so happy to hear from all of you! I think that today I receive a record high number of emails on the mission! Thank you everyone that wrote. I feel so bad that I can't write you all back but know that they were all deeply appreciated!

So first of all CONGRATS mom and Brynn for killing it in the race! I am so proud of both of you!

So to a serious note, please send my love to the Henriksens! I was so sad to hear about what happened! I bet they are so torn up by all of that! Tell them I love them and I am praying for them! They are such an amazing family and I have always loved being around them. I wish I could send my love in another way.

Mom, again congrats! I am so proud of you guys and I had you in my prayers all day. I looked at my clock and I said they are probably getting ready to run right now... they are still running... they should be finishing soon! I was worrying all day about the heat and hoping that it wouldn't rain. I am glad that everything turned out okay and that you feel good about the outcome! I hate that I am starting to want to run one when I get home because that means I might have to run a little. ha. I haven't seen the KSL TV special but I know you don't look 400 years old!! That is not possible!

Dad, I am glad that the surgeries went well! I didn't get the pictures of the girls running but I got all the other ones. Thanks for sending those! They always make me happy. Remember how I keep telling you that I am giving up candy... well it finally happened. I will tell the story later but we have gone a whole week without chocolate:D. Go us! ha. I am sorry that they forgot you. that is a really sad story but I did laugh ha. I hope that never happens again.

Brynn, GO YOU! I am so so so proud of you! I knew you could do it and I had you in my prayers all day on Saturday! I know you would for sure kick my trash in a race. When is the NY marathon? What do you have to do to prepare? I am also glad that you get a little down time. I just had a thought, you said your cooler is really ghetto yeah? Well I think we should paint it and pimp it out so it goes with our style a little? What are your thoughts?

Chase and Ashley, Thanks for the email. Dad sent me a picture of Chase in his scrubs chillin... cute ha. I am so glad that you have such great friends. It sounds like you do a lot together even though you are all so busy. We talked a lot about keeping a balance in all aspects of our lives and it sounds like you guys have got that handled. I am excited for Ashley's family to come out. I bet you guys will all have fun together.

Alright so here is the run down. Winter came out of no where and I have already donned the wool tights and boots... I don't know where fall went. But it is already so cold here. We sang hymns last night on the main street here in center last night and I thought my toes were going to fall off. It was fun though and we mad some good contacts!

So this week has been interesting. I feel like we have been running all over the place but we have had a lot of really great success and fall backs. The mother and daughter are still progressing but they didn't come to church yesterday. Agness (the daughter) had had a really long night and turned her phone off... so when we called to wake her up she wouldn't be disturbed ha. But she was having a hard time with smoking so we made a deal. We would give up chocolate while she gave up smoking. Since then we haven't had any chocolate and she is holding out on smoking. It has been kinda fun though because whenever any of us has a craving we will call or text each other and talk about something random to get our minds off of it. We also check with each other each night and see if we are still going strong. We had a bad day a few days ago and I wanted chocolate so bad but I called her and we held out ha. It has been interesting how excited she has been about it. Right after we had made that decision one of my friends from one of the other wards came up so me and said that she had brought me something. It was my favorite candy bar in super size!! Then every member tried to give us candy with our tea but when we explained they took it and put it in the other room. they are great.

We have seen a lot of little miracles this week with members and families that we have been working with. One family actually came to church yesterday and it was great seeing them all together. They didn't make to sacrament... in fact they were late to Relief society but hey they made it so I give them credit. They loved it and will for sure be there next week. We have a huge meeting set up with the whole family and a member and her daughter next week and I can't wait.

My campanion is doing great too. We have transfers next week but we won't find out until Tuesday what is going to happen. Poor sister Zenger had to swallow her first serving of Liver. I knew what it was but I didn't say anything until we had gotten outside. She doesn't really like to everything but we had talked a little earlier in the week about how we just need to eat what they give us. I asked her how she liked liver and she started coughing. It was pretty funny and I remembered my first time with that. I also found out today that I am finally going to Bulgaria to get a new visa next week. I am not really that excited because I would rather just stay here and work but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Don't kill me this week because it is such a lame letter. But I spent too much time reading this week. I love you all and I hope that you are doing great! I can't wait to see your faces!

Sister Larsen

[Editor's Note: Brooke and her companion were featured as part of the KSL special that aired between Sunday conference broadcasts. It was so fun to see her and hear her voice.)

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