Monday, October 11, 2010

Another Transfer Gone!

Hey family!

Thank you for all of the emails and love! I loved hearing about how my parents are huge TV stars in the Big City. Don't let your heads get too big, we still have a long ways before we get Hollywood big. But seriously, I am glad that so many people got something out of it. I still haven't been able to see it. We are waiting for one of the senior couples to get a copy from Carole Mikita and then President said he will show it to everyone. I am a little nervous. I feel like from what everyone has been saying that I am the center! I know I am not but man I wish it was a little less me and more temple and more Ukraine ha. I hope it is not as big as everyone makes it sound.

Mom, As you were talking about the SuperStar moment I may have hit replay in my head and laughed a little. I hope these pills don't have the same effect. I am 100% sure that you will be fine. Everyone I have talked to hasn't even mentioned the side effects that they had from the pills. It was mostly the tiredness from the radiation. I think you will still be the amazing, graceful, lovely, kind, . . . mother we know and love. If you change a little we will still love you all the same. Like everyone here says, "Don't worry, Be happy." haha they love that phrase. Thanks for going to all of my friends' farewells. I wish I could be there so badly especially to see Liz. I hate that I won't see her for 3 years, but I know she will do great. Send her my love and a big hug. And maybe if you could get her address that would be fantastic. You are amazing! Are the girls going to do anything fun while the boys are gone hunting? And thanks for getting us signed up for housing! I have heard that is a good place to live.

Dad, I can't believe it is already that time again, the hunt is on. Please be so so careful. I know how much you guys love to joke around but please take care of yourself and my puppies. But I bet you will have a ton of fun. I loved the story of the guy in the elevator. It made me laugh pretty hard. I am sorry that your eyes are bugging you. I hope that you can get adjusted pretty quickly.

Brynn, how was your marathon recovery week? Did you get some rest or did you find something to fill your week up? It sounds like you did both at once maybe? Mom or dad left me a hint of what you did this week ha. I remember you saying that you have a lot of flowers this week? Good luck and have fun. We talked a lot yesterday about coming home and doing flowers. My companion worked at a flower shop in Provo and it made me a little trunky to get home and get to work.

Chase and Ash, Hey how are you guys? How was having Paige and Ann? What did you guys end up doing? I think I remember that Chase has a lot of test this week so I am sure that you are just hitting the books like crazy now so good luck and study hard. I know you will do great. You always do.

Alright so we finally got to watch conference yesterday and Saturday and I loved every minute! I loved Elder Holland's talk and i just cried the whole time. I don't remember why but something just hit me like a ton of bricks. I also loved Elder Christofferson's talk. I think he hit a lot of things right on the head. But one of the talks that just hit me hard was Elder Oaks' talk about the 2 lines of revelation. I think I have been putting off a lot of my decisions onto other people and asking for others to make the important decisions in my life. I called President a few weeks ago because we don't have interviews as often as we used to and I was looking for some guidance on school. When we started talking I wanted him to just say, "Well Sister Larsen I feel like you will do this as your profession and so you will need to go home and study this this and this." Well he didn't say any of that. He shared some experiences about how he went to school for 10 years trying to figure out what he wanted to do. Don't worry dad I won't go to school for 10 years. You can breath again. But he talked with me about how you have to seek the Lord's will until you find it. So for the last few weeks I have been seeking for the Lord's will for me. I know that it won't all come at once but it will come as I strive to live a righteous life. I think that has been one of the hardest things on my mission. I want to the Lord to tell me word for word what I should do and say, but He just trusts us that we have tried to seek His word and fill ourselves with the words of the prophets. What we have studied for so long is actually what He wants us to say. I don't know if this is making much sense but things are kinda unfolding still in my head. ha. Brynn asked last week what some of my goals are for the rest of my mission. I am looking at 12 weeks right now and I have set a goal to come home every night just asking to get in bed because I have given my all. I also want to strive everyday to seek the Lord in everything that I do. I always ask the Lord what I should do but I very rarely listen. I always here that one of the things that missionaries are most grateful for is that they learned how the Lord speaks to them while on their missions. Well that is what I want to do. Okay enough of my rambling.

This week was pretty amazing. Agnessa still hasn't smoked. She is still struggling with coffee and she hasn't had anything to drink for almost a week so slowly but surely we are working towards her goal. She is amazing though. She has been out of town but she has spent a lot of her time reading and praying. At night she will call us and say, "Sister Larsen did you know that this scripture was in the Book of Mormon? Isn't it amazing?" She will share her thoughts and she is always right on.

We also have been working with ирина and her daughters and they have decided to get baptized on the 30th of December. We are having so much fun teaching them because they really love the scriptures. Also Jzenya is amazing and always has really deep thoughts for a 15 years old girl. You can tell that they really love the Lord and really want to serve Him.

Well I am going to try and send some pictures but I love you all and I hope that you have an amazing week! Thanks again for everything!

Sister Larsen

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