Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I am starting to feel it........

Hey family!

Thank you for all of the emails and notes! I am so happy every time I open my email and I have a full in box! I am happy to hear that everyone is happy and almost healthy. It sounds like you are all enjoying the beginning of fall!

Thanks for the heads up on school and registering. I just checked the website and I cannot register until the 27th. I am hoping that I will be able to get permission to register before I leave the Internet club but if I don't I might hop back on and give you a heads up. It sounds good to have Christmas on the 31 and 1. I was kinda secretly planning it in the back of my head :D. I can't promise that I will wake up super early... or maybe I might be up before the rest of you. It doesn't really matter to me what we do as long as we get to spend some time together before Chase and Ash take off. Plus I don't really want to celebrate New Years this year... I think it would be super awkward as a newly return missionary and dad hanging mistletoe everywhere. I might need a little time. ha. Oh and it might be good to find out if the Stake President could release me before I head down to school? I don't know if he will be in town for the holiday season.

Mom, I am excited for your race. When do you go to New York? That is so sad about the boat. I guess I will have to start letting go of maybe one last trip. I understand what you are saying about Lott's wife. We always talk about how we are going to have a mission reunion trip down there sometime. I love that place and I am excited about some of the new memories we will be able to create with new traditions.

Dad, I am glad that your hunt went well! It sounds like everyone got the fair share of birds. I love the picture of Dakota with the bird in her mouth! She is so teeny tiny! I have a dream about her last night and I woke up missing you all like crazy. I am glad that work has taken a pause for a minute and that you will get to go with mom and Brynn to the race. Cheer extra loud for me too! Give Mom and Brynn hugs at the finish line for me!

Brynn, Hey pen! So we talked a lot about you this week. A girl we starting meeting with for English brought a movie that she had just checked out from the library to watch and I saw it in her bag. Can you guess what it was? Forest Gump, I bet you were not going to guess that were you? Well it made me think about all of our family a lot, "Penny." It made me laugh and think of all of our nick names. I also found a picture from when we were having the time of our lives on New years. But anyway, I am glad that you have been having fun. That is no fun that you aren't feeling too well. GO to the Dr, we all know how I feel about strep, better to be on the safe side. Good luck this week. You will have to tell me all about it next week. And I want to see a picture of Randy in a baby costume.

Chase and Ash, how is good ol' Boston? I heard that the falls are amazing there! You will have to take some pictures and send them! Ash, how are you feeling? You are getting pretty close to being done! Good luck these next couple of weeks. I don't know if you can but i would love to see a picture of your class all together! Chase, how did your second round of exams go?

Okay, so I am starting to feel like I have been run over by a truck. I don't know where all of my energy is but somewhere along the way it got left behind. This week was a world wind week and I don't even remember it starting. We have been meeting with a ton of people and finding a few new ones as we go.

We started a little game in our district to help keep us all focused and progressing instead of just being comfortable with where we are. We are having the Olympics in our district. Each day we have different events, being on time, number of contacts, number of times we ask for referrals, and speaking Russian on the street. Each day we get a number of points and then a companion will win each week. It has helped us a lot to really crack down on the little things that we don't even notice that we do. It has been a lot of fun and I think that we are winning. ;)

We didn't have a baptism last week, it is this week, maybe I phrased it wrong but we are having a lot of fun getting ready. I love teaching this family and they are so great. They came to Stake conference yesterday and they were ON-TIME!!!! yay! We got to sit with them and answer some of their questions. Tonight also we are going to have a family home evening with them. It is a mom and two daughters. Jenya is 14 and Dianna is 5. We get to play with them while we teach them and it has been a blast. I get so excited to see them and they will call and tell us things that happen during the week. They are really excited for this weekend!

So for a funny story this week. we had a missionary the left for the MTC today. She was staying with us this weekend until she left today. The assistants said that she would be at our apartment at about 9:30 on Saturday night. Well 9:30 came and went and she still hadn't called. I thought it was weird and thought we would just wait a few more minutes. She wasn't a missionary yet so I just thought that maybe she wanted to stay with friends. at 9:45 we called the assistants and they didn't answer so we called again at 10. They answered and said that we should wait until 10:15, still no sign. They called the driver who had dropped her off here at 9:20. She had been waiting outside since 9:20. Well since my phone got stolen no one really knows which number is mine and so the assistants gave her my old number. The poor girl thought we forgot about her. I felt so bad but we laughed and helped her get her bags up. But this morning she got us back because we had to be up at 2:30 in order to walk her down to the taxi. It took us forever to get back to sleep and Sister Zenger and I just sat up and laughed and joked about how tired we were. That probably isn't the funniest story you have heard but I am still feeling the effects.

This week should be exciting and I hope that everything goes well with the interviews for Irina and Jenya this week. They are ready but I don't know if they think the are ready. Well I should get going. I love you all and wish you the best! I am so happy that everything is going well! Send Derrick and Al my love and prayers!

Sister Larsen

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