Monday, November 22, 2010

Here Comes the Sun!

Hey, hey everyone!

I am so so happy that everyone is having an amazing week/month. I love each week opening up my email and hearing about all of the amazing things going on! It sounds like you are all healthy and busy! Thanks for all the emails! It was good to see pictures of Kelsey's little boy! He is so cute! You will have to tell the other new moms congrats as well and if you get a hold of some pictures I would love to see them!

Mom, It sounds like you have had a good week! I am happy that Ellie hasn't been too destructive and you will have to give her a birthday hug for me! It really doesn't matter to me when my homecoming is. I don't really have any plans yet so you guys decide what works with you and I will just be there. I really have no preference. I would love to go down to St. George with everyone or out to Boston to see Chase and Ashley since we will only really have 2 days with them. As of right now though I don't really have my heart set on anything. I did get to see Sister Stevens and Sister Dibbs. They only had about 2 minutes so I just gave Sister Stevens a hug and she started crying. She said that she got to talk to you and that you are an amazing person. They are both really amazing and I wish that I had gotten a few extra minutes to talk to them.

Dad, You are just all over the place. It sounds like you are staying busy as ever. Thanks for the sports updates. I am so far out of the loop that it isn't even funny anymore. Congrats on the new car. You will have to send me a new picture when you get it. I am excited for you. It is time that you treated yourself to something new. I am really excited to go to a Jazz game with you.

Brynn, Where did Chicago come from? Well while you are there keep your eyes open for a marketing internship for me! I think it would be so fun to find internships in the same big city for the summer. I need to start working on that right when I get home. But I am still here so gotta focus. What is going on with the whole school thing? Are you thinking still about taking classes? I am still so proud of you that you ran that race.

Chase and Ashley, How's it going? I am sure that school is keeping you so busy, but whats up? what is new? How are your church callings? Chase have you had any luck while trying to share the gospel at school?

Jenny, I heard that your play is coming up with week! Good luck I know you have put in a lot of work and that you will do amazing! Remember to have fun while you and to not worry so much about everything else. I wish I could be there to congratulate you but I will just have my mom give you an extra hug for me! Break a leg!

So, this week has been unusually warm. Ukraine has never had such a warm November. It is +15, +16 and it is really nice. I haven't even had to put on my hat yet this year. I am hoping that it lasts at least one more week. I hope! I have heard mix stories about how cold it is suppose to be but I just hope that it holds off until January!

We have one more week until transfers and I can't believe that I really only have 6 full weeks left of working out here. I really really hope that I stay in this area for my last transfer. I have no idea what president is thinking but I have taken some tips from dad and I have dropped some subtle hints to president by saying something like, "President you know that I will got where even the Lord wants me to go but I would love to finish out my last transfer here." We find out next Tuesday and transfers are on Thursday. I know I won't be training and I don't really know where I would go but I hope that I stay here ha ha.

This week has been really great. We have worked really hard and we are kind of in a new finding period. We have had to pass or drop a lot of our investigators because they don't live in our area. That is the hard part about center is that everyone is always here but no one lives here. We took one of our investigators to a baptism on Saturday and she loved it. She even took her husband to church on Sunday to see the gift of the Holy Ghost. She is so cute but we came to find out that she lives in another part of the city. Bummer! But the good thing is there really aren't sisters in that area so we might be able to still work with them. :D.

We do have one really great investigator Lyubov! Her name means love ha:D. But she came to church last week and she really really wants to get baptized but she wants her husband to come with her. She said that they are one and they should make the step together. But she already considers herself a member and she has been sharing the Gospel with everyone! She makes me laugh! I love her so so so much!

Other then that there really isn't much new. We are just moving a long trying to do the work. Actually we have this family in our ward that I adore. They are the Bohdans! They have been members for about 12 years and we have been trying to meet with them and do missionary work with them. They are one of the busiest families that I have even met but every time they make time for us we always have the best lessons with them. It is crazy because they are so open to the spirit and when he tells them to do something they do it. Throughout the lesson they will get ideas of who they should work with and what they should do. This week or next week hopefully we will be meeting with them and their friends! They are amazing!

Irina is doing really well! We are still meeting with her and her daughters and they are just amazing! Zhenya is doing really well. She is still reading the Book of Mormon everyday. They both amaze me. We are working slowly with them because they have a lot to learn but they are ready and willing. I learn so much from them every day!

Well I should get going I love you all so much and I am happy that you are doing well! I am trying really hard not to count the days. Everyone here sends their love!

Sister Larsen

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