Monday, July 19, 2010

Two More Weeks Until the Temple Open House!

Hey family!

I am so happy that you had a great time in Sun Valley! I loved the pictures and I am happy that you got to see and do some new things! I CAN'T believe that Arnold really was having a party!!! That is crazy haha! I thought you were joking for most of the emails but now I am pretty convinced that he was having a party! Nothing could have been better! I also have a hard time believing that so much has changed there! I swear that place has been the same since the time it was all built, I didn't think that they would ever change it! I guess everyone has to keep up with the times! Everyone looks amazing in the pictures that you sent! (I think almost every one of those sentences had an !!, well what can I saw it is me:D.)

Mom, I am so happy that you are feeling better and that you got to run a few miles in Sun Valley! I am also so happy to hear that there is no need for chemo! I have been talking with some people, sharing my experience here learning about your cancer and it has helped people to see that life isn't always filled with sadness and heartache even when things might be a little tough. So many people have taken faith in the Lord after hearing how much faith you have! And I know that Chase and Ashley will be leaving soon but please don't get a bird!!! Remember that we can go out there when I get home and see them!

Dad, how is your case going with the oil company? I don't think I even know which side you are on? I guess the real important question is Are you having fun? It looks like Sun Valley was a lot of fun and that you had a few good rounds of golf. I am sure you dominated as always! I loved the pictures! Everyone looks really good, and really happy.

Brynn, I loved your story about the bedroom! I wish I could have been there to enjoy the moment with you! I have pictured the whole scenario and thought about how I would have reacted. I love the dress you got in SV. You look really good!

Chase and Ashley, Thanks for the email! That is crazy that you only have 3 more weeks! I am so excited for you guys. I think I say that every time but it will be such a great adventure! It sounds like you have had a good summer bonding with the fam. It is good to hear that even though you are married "you still want to do things with the fam!" I am sure that Cory and Haley will have a blast with you guys this week! By the way Chase, I think I finally understand a portion of how you felt on your mission. It is hot as ever here and I am dying! We also don't have any air-conditioning or fans so I feel like I am lying on the boat at lake Powell in the beginning of August!

So this week has been super interesting and we have really been able to feel that the open house is coming so soon. We have had a ton of journalist and reporters calling the church and some of them have been able to come to the church to take pictures and do interviews. On Thursday we met with one of the journalists for one of the biggest media companies in Ukraine and we interviewed with her. She was a young girl but she has been writing for the paper for about 7 years. The article should come out on Friday and it should be interesting to see what she writes about. She asked us a lot of questions about who we are as people and the effect that the church has had on our lives, friends, and families. It was interesting to just sit and have someone ask questions that they are really curious about and not just about the church. I realized that people don't really know who we are as people. A lot of people know we don't drink or smoke, we wait until marriage and we try to be good people but they don't know that we ARE Christians, and we are still real people. We study, hold jobs and work hard, we mingle with people around us but we try to stay strong to the covenants that we made with God. I think a lot of people think that all Mormons wear a badge, black pants white shirts and ties all the time, some do but that is because we are missionaries or maybe they work at a museum or something. Anyway, it was interesting to talk to her.

Also this week my companion was sick so we spent a few days inside so that she could sleep and get better. We couldn't figure out what it was so we finally went to the doctor and he gave her some medicine. She is feeling better today so we are looking forward to a good solid week this week. We still haven't been able to meet with Lylya the grandma that "kinda" got baptized but she comes back next week from working the last 3 weeks so hopefully she still has the desire to move forward.

Saturday the elders had 2 baptisms and it was really great. One was an 8-year-old boy and his mom was glowing. He was really happy himself because he was worried that his father wouldn't let him get baptized. The other man was a 40 year old man who has known about the church for years and he finally felt the need to be baptized. Yesterday at church he asked for a huge stack of invitations to the temple open house to give out to his neighbors. He lives in an area that no one knows about the open house and he asked if he could go door to door and personally invite everyone that lives around him! I love the spirit of recent converts!

Well I should probably get going but I love you all and I am so happy that you are all happy and healthy! Thank you for your emails, love and support! I couldn't ask for a better family! Have a good, safe week and know that I am praying for you!

Sister Larsen

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