Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Week 3

Good afternoon Family,

I was so excited to get all of your emails today. I have had a very packed week and it is good to slow down and be able to read them. By the way dad I don't know what you are sending the pictures with but I can't get them. Maybe you could send them on or mail them? It is really nice to get letters throughout the week and I would love some pictures because I forgot to grab other ones besides the book you made me. I am glad that grandpa is doing okay. I have been praying about him. Also tell Grant that I say Happy Birthday!

Mom, I am excited for you to have a week of nothing! And you are not a brat! You are the greatest mom ever and I can't even imagine how you can do it all.

Dad, thanks for your letter. I hope you are excited for your trip? Your letter today made me think a lot about all of our happy memories together. I wrote both you and mom a letter that I will be sending today hopefully you will get them at the same time.

Brynn, you are still amazing me with how much you do! You said you had some goals? what are they? I am following your example and my entire room is trying to go without treats for the next 2 weeks!! We will see how that goes haha! The only good food here are the sweets so we are not liking our odds if we continue to eat 2 cookies at every meal.

Chase, I hope you and Ash had fun at Powell I wrote you guys a letter but I don't have your address so I will try and send it soon. I hope you are taking care of Ashley!

Ashley I thought of you on Sunday. I saw a bunch of little kids at the Temple and I tried to say what I thought you might say to them. I am excited for you to finish school and start teaching. You will be amazing! Keep me updated on what is going on with you two!

Well week 3 has come and gone. It has been a week full of ups and downs and probably some of the most amazing experiences that I have had this far. I am learning so much about the gospel that I never even stopped to think about. I never knew how much you could learn by just focusing on the basic principles of the gospel. I guess I have never really had the questions that people normally have but I have been able to read the scriptures as if I was reading them for the first time and new things have been brought to my attention. I have never looked at baptism in the same way. I love it!

Your day can change here in an instant. You can be having the worst morning and everything can go wrong but the minute you step into class you know that this is a place of God. The spirit is always so amazing. Sunday was one of those days, I can really feel my self esteem being worked on here, and I had and interview with a member of the branch presidency that has really impacted the way that I view myself. He has helped me to see that even if I feel inadequate the Lord will not let me be inadequate. He helped me see myself through the Lord's eyes for a few days. It has really helped me to be confident in my teaching and to teach what the spirit wants me to teach. It has really been the most amazing learning experience I have ever had. I feel like this week will be a million times better now that I have that confidence in myself.

I haven't had to crack the whip in my district anymore. All of the Elders are good kids. Sometimes we all get a little off task and I contribute to it partly because I can't focus for 12 hours of class everyday but we had a lot of fun and we learn a lot. We can almost teach the entire 1st lesson in Russian!!! I don't know if anyone will know what we are saying though. Tomorrow we are teach the 2nd lesson in the TRC. We are teaching the Plan of Salvation in English which I am really excited for. Oh and we had our first experience in the RC (Referral Center) this last week. People can call in and request a bible/BOM/Church video and we talk to them and either mail them a copy of whatever they ask for or send over 2 "representatives" to talk to them. I got hung up on my first time ha but Sister Clark and Sister Walker are teaching a lesson this next week over the phone with a lady that Sister Clark talked to. It is really amazing how some of these individuals are so prepared to hear the gospel and what motivates them to pick up the phone and call.

I love you all so much and miss you a ton! I am glad things are going well. Please encourage letters?! I love getting letters throughout the week. is a great thing because they just print them out and give them to you like a letter. Just a little side note. But I love you all and thank you so much for your support. I will talk to you next week!

Cectpa Larsen

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