Monday, December 6, 2010

Where has the time gone!!?????

Hey family!
It sounds like you had an amazing Thanksgiving! I am sad I missed it but it is the last one! I am glad that you got home safe! I was hoping that you all wouldn't tell me about this awful storm and then no one would say if you got home or not! I would have been pretty upset! But I am glad that you are home! Dad said something about telling about our favorite Christmas's and I was thinking of one this morning. I will always remember the Christmas night in the 7-11 and the pick up truck. ha I still get a laugh about mom's burrito. I am glad that you all had fun with Jeff and Jane's family! Tell them all hi for me!

Mom, I am happy that you have had a bit of a break though. You should take some time and just let everything out. I am jealous of your walk in the canyon! It sounds pretty amazing. I was reading through some of that book that you made for me and I added the quotes that I sent to you and I have to say you did a better job. I don't know how you knew that those quotes would be just what I needed in these last few months. Thank you for doing that. About the quilt stuff... the fabric here really isn't the best. I might bring a few scarfs home but I don't know if it will be enough. I don't know we can look.

Dad, I am glad that you are an amazing driver and that you all got home safe and sound! We get to see Sarah pretty often and her and her husband are always willing to come on lessons with all of us. They are pretty amazing! I swear it was not long ago that you asked me what my goals were for these last 3 months and each night I have tried to set some and now I just looked at the calendar and I have 4 weeks. I don't know what I am going to do. I am way excited to see you and get out of the cold but I love these people so much! I can't wait for you all to come here and see all this!

Brynn, I am so happy to get your letter! I am happy that things are going well! I am sure that you are starting to really get busy as the holidays are coming with parties and everything! It may not be a bad idea to change locations. It might even be fun just to move down town.

Chase and Ashley, I bet things are really getting tough as the semester is winding down. When do classes end for you? What are your plans for these next few weeks? How is the winter starting out up there? Are you freezing? I would love to see some pictures!

Alright, the snow is falling and we are starting a new transfer today! My last transfer!!!!! Crazy! I don't really know if I am happy or sad about it.. It just doesn't feel real yet, I guess. Time flies! But yeah I am still here in center and my trainee has left the nest and I am now with Sister Schmidt. I think you know her aunt, dad, She went to law school with you. Anyway she is way cool and I wish that we would be able to serve together more then just 5 weeks but hey. She is from Draper and we are very much the same person. We laugh all the time! She has only been out for 3 months but she is doing great. Oh yeah she speaks Ukrainian so that is a little hard but it makes things interesting! I am trying to learn Ukrainian a little better so that we can understand each other more. We are getting ready for a great transfer and we saw a great end to the last one.

On Saturday we went to the baptism of Ana and Sergy. They are the amazing couple that knocked on the church door 4 weeks ago. We had started teaching them but they moved to Sister Walker's area. But it was a great baptism and I am so so so happy for them. If my camera doesn't die I will send you a picture. They sang at their own baptism!!!! He sang the primary song that talks about how they like to look for rainbows. All of the missionaries are sitting here and we can only remember the name in Ukrainian so sorry. But it was absolutely amazing and everyone was crying! They were so amazing to work with, if you said "hey we don't drink coffee, tea, use tobacco, or drink Alcohol," they would go home that night and clean their house out and never touch it again. They also had planned a vacation the week before their baptism and the sisters said, "well we will have to push your baptisms back a week because you need to be at church." They cancelled their trip!!!! I have never seen that kind of dedication! It was amazing to watch! We gave them a Photo album to put pictures of their new lives and we all signed it! I love them so much and I can't wait until they have the opportunity to go to the temple!

I love this work so much and each day I have come home so tired. I am really feeling like I have ran a million miles everyday and it is finally catching up with me. I never thought that a mission would physically drain you in this way. I don't know if Chase or dad ever felt it but I feel like I want to do so much more and push to the end but I feel like I am trying to run in molasses! I just have to keep telling myself that the finish line is insight but then again each time I think that I have to go, I start to cry because I don't know when I will see these people again.

Well I and thankful for all of you! For your love and help! I miss you all so so so much! I hope that everything goes well this week and that you have an amazing, wonderful week! I love you all so much!

Sister Larsen

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