Monday, August 16, 2010

It is finally here! The Ukraine Temple

Hey everyone!
It sounds like you all had a pretty emotional week! It sounds like you got Chase and Ashley off on the road and that things are almost in one piece still at the house! I wish there was something more that I could say that would cheer you all up a little. Although it was a hard week it sounds like you had some fun moments in there too!

Mom, I hope that you know that you don't always have to be so strong. You can cry every now and then and no one will hold it against you! It sounds like Ellie got everything that she deserved. I have been telling my English students everything that Ellie does each week and every week they ask about my crazy dogs! I keep hoping that I won't have any stories to tell them but they really enjoy them. but mom, take some time for yourself. I know you have been strong for all of us but maybe let us be strong for you for a little! I sent you a little present that I really hope gets to you soon. It is to help you on the hard days and make the easy days maybe a little easier. It was the only thing that I could I felt like I could do to help so I hope that you find some comfort, inspiration, or laughter in it!

Dad, you are great! I don't know how both of you do it but you both seem to get all the work done and still have so much time to spend with us. I swear there are 2 of each of you! I am trying my best to get everyone baptized here but I keep running into this thing called free will. I guess Heavenly father has a greater plan for all of us that we just have to trust in. I talked with President and he said that if you guys really wanted to come for the dedication you can. He is okay with it but we probably won't be able to meet at all, because whatever the first presidency says goes. Think about it...

Brynn, I am so glad that things are going well and that you are feeling better. I am glad that the weddings went well and that you felt good about all of it. I can't wait to get to work with you again. How has it been working with Carly? Is she a good worker? I am so glad that things aren't awkward with Ben. It sounds like you are both handling it pretty well.

Chase and Ashley, I heard that you guys are writing a blog worth reading! How is the drive going? I am sure you have had a few good laughs and cries by this point. So that I don't cry when things go crazy I always think about the journal entry I can write that night and how my kids are going to react when they read about some of the experiences I have had. I am sure that when everything is said and done you will look back and really laugh!

So I am going to start out by saying that my shifts aren't working really well and my pinkies are starting to hurt so if a letter isn't capitalized don't hate me.

this week has been a really long exciting tiring week. we spent almost all day every day at the temple for VIP and media open houses. It was really interesting to see how the people reacted when they came through at the end of the tours. Our role is to stand in the room at the end of the tour in the chapel with the refreshments. we are not really allowed to teach or to go up to people so we really just kinda stand around and wait for people to ask us questions. we are allowed just to talk to people like normal people ha. We can ask them how the tour was, what they liked and didn't liked. It has been fun because we have been able to answer a lot of questions.

The VIP tours were a little quieter and really nice. There were a few military people that came through and really enjoyed it! Also a judge that is a pretty big deal here came and loved it! She went through with a group and they sat and talked about it for quite a while after the tour ended. I think there were some people from the government and there was a huge group from the media here. All of the general Authorities for the Eastern Europe area were here leading the tours and they answered a lot of the questions on those days. It was a little nerve racking meeting all of the members of the 70 from this area.

On Saturday there were about 1,200 People that came through and loved it. Many people asked when we have meetings and when we can meet with them. I am excited for these next few days to see how many people come and to see what there reactions are. We did have a few protesters of course but they haven't been much of a disturbance. They have their right to say what they think just as well as we do. They have been pretty quiet and nice about it. I respect them a lot for not being rude and mean.

This next week we will be in our area a little more which will be nice since we didn't really have very many meetings last week. We will be at the temple almost every day but not all day. I hope that we get to get more meetings in. We met with Liliya this week and she doesn't seem to scared to try again. To be honest I think she forgot all about it! It will be interesting to meet with her this week and talk about going for it again. Galina hasn't been seen or heard from since a few weeks ago. I think she has been drunk since that day. It is so sad but I hope that some day her time will come because she really knows it is true.

Well my time is almost up. I love you all so much and i hope that all goes well this week. Mom good luck with radiation. Know that our prayers are with you! I love you all and miss you so much!

Sister Larsen

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