Monday, August 16, 2010

August is here and the Temple is done!

Hey family!

I am so happy that Mom doesn't have to have Chemo!!!! I already thought that it was for sure that it wasn't going to happen so I was already not worried about it but still happy to hear! Second, I can't believe that it is already August! It feels like time is flying by! I also got an email from Carole Makita and I emailed her back. Also I talked with the office about doing the interview and they asked if I would feel comfortable doing that so I think they also got an email from her! She should be here on the 20-30th of August so she will be at the end of the open house and get some of the reactions after the temple is already open and working!

Mom, Again I am so so so happy for you and I wish you the very best this week as you start Radiation! I hope that you don't get to tired and that everything goes really well! I am happy that you got to go for a long run even though you were pretty tired! It sounds like you are getting back to your old self and that life is still crazy! I hope that this morning you will get to take a few minutes and get some rest before this week comes again. By the way that dad explained it, it sounds like you have another packed week ahead!

Dad, I am glad to hear that surgery went well and that everything good and healthy. It sounds like you have a lot of really big cases that take a lot of time too! Also that is way cool about the concert in Deer Valley. It sounds like PBL has changed a lot thanks to the good lawyers there! I bet it was great to get to sit so close to the first presidency! Good luck this week with all of your depositions, work and more work! Yes I got the card to work and I am doing good money wise.

Brynn, I am glad that you had such a great week! It sounds like the flowers are keeping you really busy! That is crazy that Chelsea is getting married! You will have to tell her congrats and hi from me! I want to see pictures of all of these weddings. I am glad that your flirting is getting better! I might need the help when I get home. I haven't even tried in so long that I don't think I even know how. Whenever a guy talks to me I just look straight ahead or I start to feel really awkward and just give them the elders' number and run away haha. It should be interesting in a few months ha. I have gotten back to my sleep pattern for the most part and I hope that you have too! Getting so tired that you can't keep your eyes open really helps.

Chase and Ashley, This is your big week! The move is coming so fast! I can't even believe that summer is almost over! What day does school start for both of you? How was the BBQ yesterday? You guys are gonna have so much fun! Enjoy every minute of it because you are never going to be at this point of your lives again.

So this week has been very fun and very eventful. We were working at the temple all day on Saturday and I can't believe that it really is done! We had a training for all of those leading the tours and how we need to answer questions. The Open house will be different from the ones that I have been too in Utah. Normally in Utah we watched a movie and then we just kinda walked through the temple in one huge line. Here they have set it up so that you are in groups of about 15 or less with tour guides that explain a little about the rooms. All of the guides are members and it is usually in Ukrainian. We (Sisters) are stationed at the table of books in the concessions room. We stand at this table and answer questions once the tours end.

Saturday was for all of the workers and their families that have been working on the temple the last 3 years. It was interesting because we had about 200 people that came and a lot of them were families! Most of the if not all came very nicely dressed, in slacks and the women were in dresses for the most part! I was really surprised that they had noticed the way that we dressed and they tried to dress like us! It was really great! We answered a lot of questions and a lot of people really enjoyed the tours, the temple and a lot asked for Copies of the Book of Mormon! I think we gave out more of them then anything else! It was great! As the night slowed down one of the couple missionaries told us that we should go through with one of the last tours so we did! We got to see the whole temple and it is absolutely amazing! It really is the Ukraine Kiev Temple! Even though it wasn't dedicated you really could feel the spirit so strongly. These members have waited for so long and to see them just stand it awe at the base reminded me that the Lord really does provide for His saints!

This next we we don't really know how much we will be at the temple. It really depends on the members and how much they can be there. This week we have an open house for the neighbors of the temple, the media and for those from the Government and dignitaries. It should be interesting to see who comes and to see the reactions of this first group of visitors. I don't know how you could leave that place with a bad feeling even if you tried so I think it will go well!

This week we were really trying to work with the members and those who are less active to help them to come and to bring their friends. We have also started a new schedule where we are out at 8:00 in the mornings and then we come back to do study in the late morning/ afternoon. It has been interesting because we can't find anyone that wants to meet us that early so we spend a lot of our mornings contacting around the metros and walking around the city. We have definitely learned the city a lot better!

Well we should probably get going! Sorry I forgot to get a picture of the temple this week but I will for sure send some next week! I am glad that everyone is doing well. I love you and miss you!

Love, Sister Larsen

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