Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Mother "T"

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Birthday again mom! Sorry again about the lame letter last week. We went on a small excursion to an old fortress and we got back with very little time to email. Sorry again! I am glad to hear that everyone had fun at all and Derrick's last night! I got the package with the watch (thank you), all of the cake mixes and Crisco! I am excited to make some of those sweets! I also really loved the talk. I have really been studying on how to recognize personal revelation better!

Mom, I am glad that you have had a relaxing birthday week, and that you have a great day planned out ahead of you! I will pray that you can get that new outfit because we all know how good it feels to feel cute on your birthday! I am sorry that Ellie ate your shoe! That would make me so made. My landlady's dog almost ate my shoe while we were over there saying good-bye last week... I guess she was upset that I was leaving too haha. You will have to let me know how your actual birthday and your birthday week end up!

Dad, I am glad that all is well with my ol'd. I looked at a picture that I have of us at the Jazz game this morning and it made me smile as I started my language study! I am way jealous that you will be in Boston for the Playoff games. I am sure that the city will be really active and energized. Be careful walking around! I am also happy to hear that you are swimming again. We have decided to run with our district because they live really close and so we will meet and run a few times a week.

Penny, I am proud of you for going back to school! It will be a good experience for you to finish up down in Salt Lake. I hope that everything works out for you and that you get to finish up in 3 semesters! How are all of the flowers coming this summer? Are you super busy? I am guessing that you are having weddings almost every weekend!

Chase and Ash! I am glad that you guys have been having some fun while you are still in Utah. It sounds like you have been working hard but still finding some time to chill. That is crazy that none of the guys from your year came to play. I bet that was fun to get out on that field again though! Have you been to any Bee's games lately?

Alright so I bet you are wondering where I am and who I am with. I am back up in Kiev in the center of the city!!! I talked with Maddy and she will be up here in a few days so I will call her and try and meet up with her some how, or have her drop off the envelope at the church. I am now the "senior companion" (I don't really know what that means because we are always just companions ha) and my companion is Sister Povodova. She is from Ukraine but her dad is now serving as the Mission President in St. Petersburg! She is a really amazing missionary and she has only been out for 2 transfers! We are really excited to be working together and we have already had a lot of fun together! She is probably one of the sweetest girls I have ever met! Our area is really huge and it covers most of the city! We are actually serving in only 2 wards in the stake but the cover a lot of land. I will most likely be here for the temple dedication and then some, I could possibly finish my mission here which I wouldn't mind.

Last week we finish the week out by saying good-byes and teaching some really cool lessons. Vlad came back on Friday and so the elders will now be working with him to get ready for baptism. Katya has started regressing. She still hasn't come to church and she said that she wants to wait until the fall because she wants to go to the beach in the summer. It is really sad because she knows it is true but she is allowing fear to get in the way!! Kristina came to church on Sunday and loved it! She even stayed after and talked with one of the members about baptism and what she needed to do! I am so sad to leave that area but I am excited for the things to come.

We came up to Kiev on Thursday night and when we got here Friday we had a big transfer meeting with President. We went out and worked for a lot of the day and then we all met at the temple site to have dinner together and to prepare for our meeting the next day with Elder Scott. On Saturday we had a 4 hour meeting with Elder Scott and he gave us a lot of information. He taught us how to teach and he invited up some missionaries to teach a lesson in front of him!!! How terrifying is that! I learned a lot and it was interesting how he just talked from his heart the entire time. He just spoke pure inspiration! He told us a lot of stories and tried to help us see how we could understand how the spirit speaks to us! It was amazing!

After the meeting we came back to our area and Sister P helped me to kinda get to know the area.

Well I love you all so much and I should probably get going! I hope that you have an amazing day/ Birthday/ week! Good luck this week with everything and have fun in Boston!

I love you and miss you!
Sister Larsen

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