Sunday, June 27, 2010

Editor's post

Hi Readers!

I wanted to let you know that we got to talk to Brooke yesterday afternoon. We contacted her mission president to inform him that we would be sending Brooke an email this weekend informing her of Teresa's breat cancer diagnosis. He told us to just go ahead and call her Saturday night. So, we did just that. After breaking the news to her and reassuring her that all would be well, we had a nice, sometimes teary chat with her. She is doing well and will be home in 6 months!!!!

We got a package from her with some audio CDs and some photos. Here are a few photos we thought you might enjoy!

We feel great about Teresa's prognosis because at the end of the call, our precious little missionary offered a prayer asking for blessings of health and strength to be with her mom.

Thanks for supporting and loving our daughter.


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