Monday, May 3, 2010

May Flowers!!

Editor's Index to photos: Brooke and her adopted pup, her post mission shoes, in Odessa with man swimming in fountain, and checking out some Idaho plates!

Good Morning,

I am happy to tell you that I am sitting in a short sleeve shirt and I am actually feeling really warm! It has really warmed up here and we haven't had snow in a really long time! I am sorry that you guys had snow, that always seems to happen, right when the flowers start to bloom it snows one last time!

Mom, I am jealous! I love NY! I heard that your flat wasn't very good though, that is never fun! At least you are usually out and about and not really spending a lot of time there. You will have to let me know what you found out! I hope that everything went well for you guys there! I am glad that you guys have started doing some family history. A lot of the members here are really into it. A lot of them stay after church for 2 hours and do family history to get ready for the Temple. They also love to sit and show you what they found! It is really cool to see some of their old records in Russian! I don't know how they read it!

Dad, Sounds like you have had dog duty a lot! I am sure that those dogs just love hanging with you! Sounds like you had a pretty packed week again! I am sorry to hear about the Jazz! It sucks that they are playing the Lakers again! I wish that they could just tear them apart, just once... maybe while I am there though ha. That is scary about Times Square. Did they figure out who set it off?

Brynn, Happy Birthday again! I am happy to hear that all went well even with the snow. I think you should record this song and send it to me so that I can hear it. You really have my interest peaked! Thank you for looking up my school schedule, I was actually really wondering about that. haha. That helps a little actually. I will see what I can do to find out when I should be coming home.

Chase and Ashley, Hey how did your week go? Ashley I am pretty sure that you have finals this week so good luck with those! Chase how are you liking your new job? Are you working in Provo or in Salt Lake? What are your plans for this summer?

So this week was a lot of the same old stuff. Nina is still in the hospital resting. She has some other health problems so they just want her to rest for a little but she should be home today or tomorrow. She is doing fine thought. This week we had a lot of really good meetings! We met with this woman named Katiya. The elders tracted into her in February and she has been really busy and hasn't had time to call, but they gave her a Family Proclamation. She had read it so many times that it was really old looking. We have been trying to meet with her for almost a transfer and it finally worked out this last week. She asked a lot of really great questions and she accepted a Book of Mormon within the first few minutes of the meeting. She couldn't come to church yesterday because she got sick, but we are meeting again with her later this week! I am really excited! She is one of those people that really just wants to get to the point and know if it is true or not! She is really awesome! I can't believe that she was found through tracting. I read something today in Jesus the Christ. Elder Talmage was talking about the different parables that Christ uses to teach and there was one parable that I had never really noticed. It talked about a sower that sowed seeds and then went on to work in other places. The seeds grew, not because of anything he did but because of forces completely out of his control. I always seem to forget the influence that we have on people even when we are not there for every step of the way. And also that sometimes people just need a little time to let their faith grow a little! It was a really great chapter!

We found out this week that Vlad will probably leave this week for either 2 weeks or 2 months!! I am really sad because he is so close and I am worried about what will happen when he is so far away from Nina, us and the Elders. I guess I need to put a little more faith in the Lord that His will is what is best for all of us! I feel like so many people here have been so close to accepting truth and then something happens and they get pulled out of our reach. I guess we are not meant to change every person with whom we come in contact.

On a lighter note, Agnessa, one of the less actives we have been working with has been to church 3 times and has really enjoyed herself. She is really making the steps to go to the temple and to be worthy to go even if she can't get there. It is so great to see people changed their lives for the better! She has been ready in the Book of Mormon a lot and I think that has made a lot of the difference! She is really great! Remind me to tell you a story about her next week!

Speaking of Sunday! You can call at 6:30 if you want. I have church until 3 but we should be back at the apartment by 3:30. I just hope that no one kills me for making them get up so early! Well I can't WAIT to talk to you! I hope you have an amazing week, I love you all!
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Sister Larsen

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