Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter and Hello from the Bronx (Kiev)

Hey Family!

I am writ ting you from my old area! I am up in Kiev this week while my companion is in Bulgaria renewing her visa! Thanks for the Emails and the package! I just got the Easter package today and I loved it! Sister Walker was just telling me how her mom sent her a bunch of oatmeal and I had a serious craving for some Quakers!

I am sorry your trip got cut short! Those wild storms are always a love hate relationship! It is cool to sit and watch but only for a few hours, unless something goes wrong and you have to run up and down the beach trying to fix something! I am glad that you had a few days of R and R. I am jealous that you get to go to New York! I love that place.

I never thought about the military really being the first missionaries to get into countries. That is interesting to think about! I still think it is so cool that you have a real picture in your mind of where Christ walked! I have been thinking about that a lot this week and I actually used the story of the widows mite with one of our less actives! It helped me remember what a small sacrifice the Lord asks of us in comparison to the sacrifice that He willingly gave for us. I am excited for you to go to the temple again now that Ellie is under control at home! I just saw the Kiev temple for the first time in a long time and it looks pretty much done on the outside. They are just doing the grounds! I almost cried when I saw it!

...... If it makes you feel any better I didn't dye any eggs either. It was a busy year. Next year we can make a bunch! Looks like you guys did have fun on the egg hunt! Tell Ben that I say hi!

Chase and Ashley,
Good-jobbers! It sounds from everyone's emails that Ashley dominated in the Easter egg hunt! I am proud of you Ash! I am sure that you guys are getting ready for finals soon! Good luck with tests! I don't know if it is this week or if you still have a few weeks to go... Let me know how your lives are going!

On Saturday night we got home and we looked out the window and there was a good line of people walking to the churches outside our window. There were a ton of people on Sunday morning walking with their baskets full of eggs to be blessed by the priest and the Church. Like you said Dad, I have never seen that many people at Church since I got here! They have really really strong traditions here for Easter.

OH, so great news! We had a really really great week with almost very few awkward weird moments (we have a lot of those as sister missionaries). So this week Julia came back!!! She is that girl that was golden that lived with really awful people! She is back and she found a job here. Since she left she has read the Book of Mormon almost everyday! She is reading it with the Bible and really trying to learn as much as she can! She is so cute and I really am so happy that she is back! I can't explain to you how happy we were when she called us and told us that she was back in Taierova! We had a really great meeting with her about how the Book of Mormon and the Gospel can really help us to change our lives! She is awesome.

Also we have been working with Nina and one of her tenants Vlad. Nina is an older lady, who when we first starting meeting with her was impossible to get her to commit to meet with us. Finally when we caught up with her she said that a man that was renting out one of her rooms really wanted to talk with us. We started teaching both of them the first lesson and it turned out great (this was a week or two ago). He has read that Bible and has a really great knowledge already but the great part is, is that he got it all himself and wasn't influenced by others! This last meeting on Saturday we asked them to prepare to be baptized by the end of the month. They said that they felt pretty good about it but that they needed to pray about it! Vlad came to the last part of church yesterday and he thought it was pretty interesting. He also prayed for the first time in one of our lessons and during the prayer the spirit was really strong! They are really great people and you can really tell that he has really been searching for a really long time, and that she just needed someone to help her along the way. It has been really great teaching them.

So I am up with Sister Walker and Sister Howl this week and I will be here until Thursday! I am so excited to be back in my old area. Today while we were shopping for some stuff we saw 2 of the members and I was so happy and excited to see them! Pasha almost gave me a huge hug and I had to stop him by grabbing his arms ha ha. It made me so happy though! Tonight we are going to Lena's and I am so so so excited! She is one of my really good friends here and I can't wait to see her! She is great!

Well we really have to go but I love you and I hope that all is well! I hope you have a really great week!

Sister Larsen :D

PS. congrats to both Whitney's

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