Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hey all,

Crazy to think that this week will be 9 months!! It blows my mind. It feels like I just got here, but that I haven't seen all of you in forever! Thanks for all of the emails--I laughed a few times while reading! I wasn't really homesick, more just wondering how much of an effect I was making out here. Sometimes it is just frustrating when you can't really see the results of your work. This last week the Lord really blessed me to see that I am making a difference even if I don't think it is working.

Mom, I am sorry that you had all of that to deal with. [Editor's note: Ellie went nuts on Sunday while we were at church: got into the dog food bins and then got into a sack of dog food. Looked like a snake that had eaten a pig. Tore up a carpet pad, puked in the house, and otherwise caused all manner of destruction. Anyone want a puppy?]. I told the missionaries that are here with us and we were all laughing, but feeling bad for you at the same time! Thanks for putting my name in the temple, this week was a lot better. I am excited for your clothing line! I hope that all goes well. I know that the sisters will be forever grateful!

Dad, I am glad that you have been able to take a breather with work. I am jealous that you got to go to the temple so much! Man I miss the temple. Thanks for the pictures! How are the Jazz doing? I hope you got all of your yard work done. If you want to wait a min I will be there in a sec....Ha Ha! I am sorry I was such a bum growing up. I hope the dogs help more than I did.

Brynn, . . . . I love you! I was using the soap you sent me and it made me super happy today.

Chase and Ashley, Good luck with finals this week! I can't believe that you are graduating. Thanks for your email. It gave me a good boost today. It is wierd how your emotions here change so fast, how a bunch of small things can bring you down, but one small really good thing and bring you up higher then you were before. I am excited for you two! Ash it sounds like you had a fun weekend in DC. If you have any pics I would love you see them. Tell Kylee hi and congrats. Kels got engaged this past week apparently!!!!!

Well this week has been great. Last week I was able to hang out in Kiev for a good part of the week and see some of my old friends. We went to Lena's and she is doing a lot better then I thought She was doing. She said she was having a little bit of a hard time but after talking to her I feel so much better! She is awesome! President gave me the okay to call her sometimes just to check up on her. That made me happy.

So we don't really have a ton of time but I want to give you a quick run down on the week.... The time I spent with Sister Howell and Sister Walker was really fun and we did a lot of great things. It was awesome to see some of my investigators and some of the members! I really love that ward so much! They have a really special place in my heart, but I really missed being in my area. It is strange how you feel like you can only do your best work in Your area. When we got back we caught up with some of our investigators and had some good meetings. We were able to watch Conference with all of the missionaries in English which was amazing! It was nice to understand all of it the first time! I love that the focus was on families and Christ! It made me think of you all a lot!

Yesterday we had a great lesson with Nina and Vadem and we committed them to pray about being baptized the weekend of mother's day. The one bad thing is I will probably be gone but I am really excited for them! We will find out this week if they really want to be baptized or not! Keep your fingers crossed! And your hearts full of prayers for them.

Sorry this is a short email, but know that I am doing well, the work is True and Christ is risen!!! I love this work and I love this country! I am glad to hear that all is well at home! I love you all so much!


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