Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Odessa on the Black Sea is my new home!

Hey family!

Sorry that I am late. We had Zone conference yesterday and we moved our p-day to today. I definitely felt the love as I opened my almost completely full mailbox today! Thank you for all of the emails and love! I am going to let you think a little longer until I tell you exactly where I am...

Dad, I got all of your emails this week and the one for last week. I was a little worried about you all week and I am glad that everything is okay! Please take care of yourself!! I worry about all of you over here! It sounds like you also had some long over due R and R.

Mom, I am glad that the dogs have made you relax a little:D It is good every now and then. It sounds like some how you are still managing to find things to do even when you are at home. The mission is providing us with Co2 monitors so don't worry about us.

Brynn, I have really learned that when you are reading and searching not only the scriptures but talks from the prophets you can really learn a lot. Each of us feels the spirit so differently but there is a talk from last general conference that talks about receiving answers. He said that there are three ways, we will receive peace to our minds, we will have a stupor of thought, and last sometimes the Lord leaves it up to us to decide because he trust us and knows that we will make the right decisions, and we need to just make the decision and present it before God. Good luck with everything. I will pray for you.

Chase and Ash, Thanks for the email! It sounds like you have a nice relaxing Valentine's celebration! I am glad that everything is going well and I hope that Ash has her first good experience teaching! Good luck! I am proud of all of your accomplishments! Way to find a new hidden talent with these bed boards!

So I am in Odessa! My new companion is Sister Ethington. She is from Washington State and she has been in Ukraine for about 7 months and she will go home in August. She is a very, very cool girl. We had a fun train ride down here. We had 6 suitcases in this tiny train compartment and it was really funny to watch us try and get situated with everything. We have been whitewashed into this area. (Editor's note: "whitewashed" is missionary slang, I think, for assigned as a new pair of missionaries to a new area where neither has any experience in the area). Sister Walker was working in Odessa but she was working in Center because we didn't have enough sisters to work in all of the areas. Right now we have 3 investigators that they have continued to work with so we have a lot of work to do to get things going in this new area of Odessa.

It was really hard to leave my old area. I will miss a lot of the members there! They are so amazing! I will especially miss the women that I was able to work with and teach. It was hard to leave my recent converts and investigators because I will always worry about them. They are so great and I really want them all to come to know the truth with their whole hearts.

We arrived Friday morning and we realized that our apartment is about 30 mins outside of our area so we will have to try to find a new apartment this week, which should be interesting because neither of us know the words for that. We planned and then had a few meetings on Friday with one of our investigators and some members. We are covering 3 areas and one of them is about 1 1/2 hours away. We are working in черьемишки ильичевск and таирова. We went to 2 of the branches last week and they were a little standoff-ish but hopefully we will have a chance to get to know them a little this week and we can really try and help them. The area is huge but it is a beautiful city. We are very close to the coast although I haven't seen it yet.

Well, I should probably get going. We have to set up these new email things. I am really, really far from the mission office so I will only get mail once or twice a transfer... But thank you for everything. I will be back in Kiev next week for a sister conference and then back here. Well I love you all! Have an amazing Valentine's Day!

Sister Larsen

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