Monday, February 1, 2010

I am getting transfered this week!!!

Good morning everyone!

Dad, Hey I heard that you had a little accident.. are you okay? Chase said that you might have broken your arm? I hope that everything is okay and that you didn't get hurt too bad.

Mom, It sounds like you had a very scary week. I have realized something here, that the Lord prompts us in a way that we will hear. If all we need is a causal thought then that is what He will give us. If we need a voice shouting in our ear that that is what we will get.

Brynn, .....

Chase and Ashley, Congrats on getting into Tuffs!! That would be a way fun place to live and whenever I have money I promise to come and visit you where ever you end up! Thanks for the emails and for filling in some of the blanks! Sounds like you are both very busy, and like your little headboard business is about to take off ha. Thanks for the updates on everyone too.

I just heard about those missionaries and that is so sad!! I can't believe that they died. I wonder if I knew either of them? They didn't say their names.

So, I really can't believe that it is already February and that I have been here for 4 whole months and on my mission for almost 7!!! It feels like I just left home but it also feels like the MTC was another lifetime ago. So this week has been one of the coldest weeks I have ever felt in my entire life but I am very grateful that I wasn't in Moscow because it was -50 there from what I heard. It has finally reached above 0 but I am not sure how long that will last. Today is a toasty 5 degrees and I am loving life!

We got transfer info on Saturday night and I am headed to a new adventure in a new area. I am so excited! They only tell us that we are leaving but we don't find out where or who we will be with until Thursday at transfer meeting. I am 100% sure that I am going to Odessa though and I think that I will be either with Sister Ethington or Sister Walker. Both are great and I will be lucky to serve with either of them.

This week has been a little bitter sweet because I really really love this area, and these people here. After each lesson I just think only one more week with them. Yesterday was really sad because I had to say good-bye to the ward. They are amazing. If you took off the roof you would just think that it is any other ward in America but when you talk to the people you learn of their stories and all I can say is I love this ward. A lot of them told me that if I didn't bring you all that they would be very mad at me and never talk to me again. They really want to meet you all! Man, I love them. haha. Sister Movchanyuk went and told the Bishop that I needed to share my testimony so I was crying knowing that I would have to say goodbye and then had to get up and speak in Russian. Russian with an American accent and serious tears is a bad combo.

This week we have a lot of meetings to say goodbye and try and get those few people that are close to baptism to give them a final shove. We have started preparing our recent converts for the temple next year and I am happy that I might still be here for some of them. Then on Thursday I will spend the day waiting to get on a train. The trains here are nice. There are just four beds in a room. The ones that we ride on there aren't any chairs they are just made to sleep on. They are very hard to sleep on though because it stops a lot throughout the night and yeah it is a train. But we will get there on Friday and get to work.

Well I should get going but I love you all and I hope that you have an amazing week. Sorry if this letter was a little dull.. Next week will be a little more exciting, I hope!

love, Sister Larsen

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