Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Year Come and Gone!

Hey everyone,

Can you believe another year has come and gone! And just think only 361 days until my next birthday hahaha. Tell everyone thank you for all of the emails and everything! You will be happy to know that all of the emails worked mom! I got my packages a few days before my birthday! I opened the small one right when I got them and saved the big one for my birthday morning! Thank you for everything! I loved everything. Thanks for the pictures in the emails! They made me smile!

Dad, I am glad you got to play a million rounds of golf! It sounds like the weather was pretty good in St. George. I am glad that work is keeping you busy. I hope you get a few bball games in soon! I keep thinking about baseball and basketball, it is kinda bad... ha

Mom, Your email made me pretty happy. I am glad that your divinity eggs turned out pretty good this year. I don't think we have ever been able to do it in one batch before! How is the running coming along? And how is your little business working out? I have people asking about it all the time.

Brynn, congrats on singing! I am glad that everything went well! I tell people all the time about your set of pipes. How is that little shop looking? Have you heard anymore on it?

Chase and Ashley, I image that things are starting to get super busy as school is winding down. Ashley how is teaching are you enjoying it? How are your students?

So sorry about no email yesterday, we had Zone Conference so that is why I am a day late. We had a really great zone conference. President talked a lot about Christ and his role both before this life and His ministry. It was really cool and it gave me a lot of strength that I have been needing lately. I have felt a lot like I have not been getting enough spiritual strength during my person study to get me through the day but this helped to give me a little extra push.

This week was a little hard to be honest. We have a lot of cancelled appointments which is never fun. But we did find a really great investigator names Vadem. He is renting the room of one of our investigators and it was a little awkward at first because he is a really young man, but in the end we had a really great lesson with him and Nina. He knows the bible really really well but he feels like there are so many holes in it. We have spent the last couple lessons explaining the Restoration and the need for prophets so that we can help him feel in some of those holes. They have read everything that we have given them and they always has really great questions. I actually get a little nervous going over there because he has a lot of questions about the book of Revelations and then he sparks questions in Nina and then we get really off topic. They are great though and they are always excited to see us.

Again we were not able to meet with Ira and her family. One of our co-workers was in the hospital so her and her family had to work for her all week and they were not able to meet with us but we will hopefully meet with them on Saturday.

My birthday was pretty uneventful. We woke up and I opened my package, Thanks again! I loved it! Brynn and Aubrey the soaps and cards were awesome! Sister Ethington made me breakfast and after study we went to McDonald's for lunch haha. I know really Ukrainian! We took an hour bus ride to our other area and got dogged and got back on a Bus to come back to a RS activity. We celebrated the birthday of the relief society which was cool. They sisters are pretty strong women here. After we got stood up again so we went and glued up some English ad's and did some phone calls... I have making phone calls it is really scary because it is really hard to understand! Other than that we just laughed and had fun. We stopped by 2 less actives and set up appointments to come back and meet with them.

Tonight we are having a party for our English class and I am pretending that it is my birthday party haha. I know I am a nerd but oh well. Well sorry it was short this week but I have to go. We are going to the beach again to play football! I am excited! I will try and remember to take a picture and send it!

I do have one request for the next package... could you send me some more pictures of you guys! Not ones that are printed on computer paper but ones that I could carry around with me and show. :D. I really need one of Dakota and Ellie because the only one that I have you can't even seen Kota. Also if you could send me a picture of all of our family from grandma and grandpa's birthday-- that would be awesome!

Well I love you and hope that all is well! Thanks again for the emails and love and packages!

Sister Larsen

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