Thursday, January 14, 2010

Liver and Sala

Good morning everyone!

It sounds like you have had a very eventful week!! The puppy is so cute and I can't wait to see how she grows up. Will someone please give Daktoa a big fat kiss for me and sniff behind her ears? I feel bad that she is so upset! I hope that she adjusts okay soon. I can't believe that the Prophet came to your church again?! That is crazy! I know that a lot of the people here would be astonished if that were to happen.

Dad, I am actually really sad that you are getting released. I am not going to lie, I didn't really like that calling at first because I felt like I was always getting replaced by the YSAers but I am so thankful for that calling and for all of the people that we have met because of it. They have been a great support to our family and I know that you have been a huge support to a lot of them. I know that they will be forever greatful for both you and mom in their lives.

Mom, I hope the puppy drama will calm down soon, although I do remember it getting worse before it got better. I remember a Kujo puppy coming out at some point. I am sure that little Ellie will be better with Kota there to show her the ropes. Also I hope that you have a lot of fun on your trip!! Did I say that I was jealous? Cuz I am! You will have to tell me everything that you do and send me some pictures!

Brynn, Thanks for your letter and support. I am glad that the tides have changed and you get to have a little puppy fun for a change. That was one of the longest summers of my life. Everyone would just leave me at the house all day everyday and I couldn't do anything because I had to puppy sit. Good luck with everything this week.

Chase and Ashley, How is the new semester treating you? Are you super busy or is it not too bad? Ash when do you start student teaching? Chase are you collecting all of your teeth for dental school? Did you hear from UNLV?

So this week has been a very eventful week. On Monday we met with our Ward Mission Leaders neighbors and it wasn't everything that we thought it would be but we are still going to try and work with them. On Tuesday we met with a girl who wanted to learn English. It was a really cool lesson and she is really ready for the gospel. At the end we were really excited and then we found out that she doesn't live in our area. That was a bummer. Wednesday we had Zone Conference. The Area Authority came from Latvia and talked to us. It was really cool. He talked about truth and what truth really is. He said something that I really liked, "Truth cannot be hid" It is true. Truth always makes itself known. It was an interesting conference.

Thursday we met with Lena and helped her do some service. She has been in Moscow and said it was hard with her parents. They kept making remarks about her now being Mormon. She is doing really good though and we are still seeing changes in her. She is awesome and I have really loved working with her!

Friday was one of the Assistant's birthdays and we wanted to make a big snow man by the metro to advertise for English. To make a long story really short, the birthday boy ended up splitting his pants within the first five minutes, getting dog pee all over him, laying in the snow to get the dog pee off and then he spent the rest of the night sick from the food he had eaten for dinner. It was really, really funny but I feel really bad for him. We had put an English sign out while we were making the snow man and a pack of wild dogs peed on the sign and ran away. He didn't realize that it had been peed on until he had picked it up and put it on the snowman. We all died laughing.

Yesterday we had a lot of dogs (Editor's note: Dog or dogged = missed appointments). Our entire day opened up so we changed our plans a few times. We went to meet with our Bob (grandma) and she was busy and couldn't meet so some how we ended up at the same apartment last week that fed us sardines. I didn't eat them last week because I was sick so I was dreading what was coming this week. We walked in a sat down. The next thing she said to us was "Do you want Salla?" Salla is straight fat!!! Seriously just cooked fat! And I ate it because I had no other choice. She also gave us a plate full of noodles and some kind of meat. I ate the meat first, knowing that I just wanted to get it out of the way. After we left, Sister Movchanyuk asked me if I wanted to know what I had just eaten. It was liver!!! I don't know what kind of animal it was from but it was liver!!!! I wanted to throw up! I went home and ate a big bar of chocolate after!

Well it is still cold and there is still a lot of snow! But the last few days everything has been melting so I hope that it doesn't freeze soon! It is very, very icy but I haven't fallen this week so that is good. The work is starting to pick back up after all of the holidays and actually our ward brought a bunch of their friends yesterday! There were a ton of non-members at church yesterday that we didn't know. We were trying to get all of their information and meet with them so that they could understand what they had just experienced-- it was really cool! Well I should probably go! Sorry it is a little scattered today. But I love you all dearly and I hope that all is well!!!

Good luck this week!

Sister Larsen

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